How to add your activity to Wonderush

1. From the Dashboard, click on Add Activity.

2. Fill in the Title, Tagline, Description.

3. Fill in the Address, Area, Nearest Station and Categories for your activity.

4. Set what price you want to sell tickets to your activity for. Choose whether you’d like to absorb the 5% booking fee or if your customers will be paying for it.


5. Add the date and start time of your first activity and how many spaces are available. If the same activity goes on during the same time and day of the week. Choose how long you want to repeat this activity.


6. If you want to add another date and time for the activity, on another day of the week or time, click on “Add another Date & Time.


7. For your last minute spaces, just choose how much of a discount you want to put your spaces up for and choose how many days before your activity, you’d like to put them up for.

Note: The larger discount provided, the more that we will be able to market your activity on Wonderush Unlimited

8. Don’t forget to upload your photos for the activity. Always opt for the best quality you can with your pictures.


9. When you're ready, just hit Publish and your activity will be reviewed by a member of Team Wonderush before it goes live.

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