I have to cancel my activity, what do I do?

We ask that you give our members as much advance warning as possible, preferably at least 48 hours.
If you have to cancel your activity, please take the following steps:
  1. Go to Calendar
  2. Find the activity on the specific date and time (you can select the date range on the right)
  3. Click on the Cancel icon
All members that have booked a space will be automatically notified by email of the activity cancellation. 
Please note: it is important to cancel your activity on our system (rather than just over email) so that the earnings shown on your dashboard are an accurate reflection of your real life earnings. In the event that an activity is not cancelled through our system, we will not pay you for the spaces but the bookings will show as complete on the system which will skew the figures shown on your dashboard. 
As unlimited members are only able to attend your activity once a month, by not cancelling their booking, they will not be able to rebook. Contacting them separately to rebook rather than using the platform will increase your admin. 
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